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Warlock Golf

Supreme Pizza | Warlock Golf | Pizza Ball Marker

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In a world filled with pizza it seems like there's never enough of it! Enter the permanent-pan pizza coin! Inedible, as hard as solid copper and topped with only the most finely detailed, cold-pressed ingredients delivered straight to your doorstep. Longer than 1-hour delivery guaranteed! This pizza coin is minted in our knuckle press and left unsliced. The wavy rack lines on the bottom crust are smooth and make for an excellent worry coin surface.

Every order includes a mini pizza box! (Assembly required)

This coin weighs in at 32g, is 1.58" (40mm) around, and takes 90 tons to mint. That's the same weight as 180,000 16oz bags of cheese!

These coins are made by the Shire Post Mint located in the Ozarks. We figured these would be an amazing addition to Warlock Golf!

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