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Warlock Golf

Flexhead Golf Tee

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Flexhead golf tees are now available through Warlock Golf. These are a revolutionary new type of tee that offers a lifetime warranty. If you break one, message me with a picture and I will get a new tee shipped out at no cost.

Available in 8 different sizes and we stock various colours.

Create your own Custom Pack of Flex-Head tees, any size, any color. The perfect way to purchase only the tees you use. The G3-125 is 2.75” in overall height. From the shoulder, the ball is 1.25” high. The G3-125 would be considered to fall in the Low height range of typical driving tees. That range would be the G3-200, G3-175, G3-150 and the G3-125. If you are using tees that are typically 2.0” in length, this is likely the tee you would choose. (Covers: driver, 360cc driver, fairway wood, 3 wood, woods, wood, 3 metal, 3 metals, hybrid, hybrids)

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